EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — The East Lansing Police Department is looking for multiple suspects who allegedly threw bottles and other items at officers.

It all happened in the early hours of Saturday morning in downtown East Lansing on the 300 block of Grove St. near a party store on the corner.

Police said a group of people were carrying open alcohol and were violating the cities noise ordinances. They’re not exactly sure how many people were involved.

The officers said they told the group they were violating the rules, and that’s when the suspects started to throw things at the police.

One of the officers was hit in the head by a bottle, and both officers were hit by other items like water and liquor bottles.

One of the officers was checked out for a possible concussion and the other for a broken thumb.

ELPD said it’s still looking for anyone involved, and do not have any photos to share at this time.