EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – An East Lansing Police Department investigation found several officers allegedly violated policies during the 2022 shooting of DeAnthony VanAtten outside of a Meijer.

The two officers who shot VanAtten were found to have not violated any policies.

The more than 360-page long packet sent to the police oversight commission was filled with witness interviews, official statements from several departments and results of an administrative investigation that noted those alleged violations.

Captain Chad Pride said they consist of vehicle, tobacco and recording standards.

“Officer Nelson and Officer Horn did violate some policy and procedures but nothing of any use of force issue,” said Pride.

On April 24, 2022, East Lansing police responded to a weapons complaint where a caller said a man placed a gun in his pocket and went into the store.

When officers approached VanAtten in the store, he ran towards the parking lot. That chase ended after officers Jose Viera and Jim Menser shot and injured VanAtten after an officer said he had a gun. That gun was later found near a car.

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The report alleges Officer Jeff Horn did not follow the department seat belt and protective equipment policy.

Officer Austin Nelson is said to have violated seat belt, tobacco use and body camera recording guidelines.

Sergeant Tom Wachowski was accused of breaking body camera guidelines.

Several members of the East Lansing independent police oversight commission pressed pride on communication training and how the incident could have been handled differently.

Pride said the department is open to changes.

“There’s an opportunity here to train and to learn right? I agree there’s always an opportunity to train and an opportunity to learn,” said Pride.

Commission member Amanda Morgan said further review can lead to a change in policy, training and safety.

“What I say is the commission was built to build trust and accountability with police. But also to look at use of force. Because we all agree use of force needs to be different, it shouldn’t be the first thing we do” she said.

In the crowd on Wednesday was the aunt and mother of VanAtten. While they declined an on-camera interview, they tell 6 News that VanAtten has been in the Ingham County Jail since August and is scheduled to be in court May 25.

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