EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – The names of the East Lansing Police officers involved in the April 25 Meijer shooting have been released as part of the Department’s regular use of force reports.

Jose Viera, Jim Menser and Jeff Horn were named in the use of force report relating to the officer-involved shooting at the Lake Lansing Meijer that resulted in one man being wounded.

Two of the three named officers are under investigation for their roles in the shooting. The lawyer for Viera, Mike Nichols, confirmed that Viera is under investigation.

According to Nichols, Horn aimed his weapon, but officer Menser was the one who fired.

The officers’ names were confirmed by cross-checking the Department’s use of force report and the Department’s list of staff.

The news comes as commission members voted in favor of several resolutions aiming to get more transparency from the department. Among them, commissioners called for the release of video from inside the Meijer store.

“Now, therefore, be it resolved that the Commission notes that the ELPD did not release all raw video footage to the public of the April 25 incident as demanded by the commission; and be it further resolved that the commission demands that ELPD release the following in three days,” said Chris Root, vice-chair of East Lansing independent police oversight committee.

East Lansing Police Captain Chad Pride was given a list of deadlines to meet requests coming from the commission. He said that only giving him three days to release the additional video was an excessive request.

“If it’s something you’re looking at in 30 days as well as getting all these other things, I will work my hardest to get all the video from inside Meijer redacted within those 30 days and to you within that time frame. But three days is unreasonable,” he said.

The timeline was amended to seven days for the release of relevant video from the initial call to 9-11 up until the man left the store. Members of the public along with the president of the Lansing chapter of the NAACP applauded the push for more videos.

During the commission’s review of the use of force reports, they released the names of two officers being investigated, Jose Viera and Jim Menser, as well as a third officer. Horn was named in the report relating to the April 25 shooting. The attorney for Officer Viera hopes the release of the video gives a new perspective to the case.

“They responded to the report of, yes, a black man, with a gun in his pocket walking into Meijer, that’s carrying a concealed weapon. Which is a felony and it is dangerous, so they had to respond,” said Nichols.

The use of force report mentions that the officers responded to calls of a weapons complaint and spotted a man that allegedly fit the description of the suspect. The man fled, causing ELPD officers to open fire in the parking lot.

The suspect in the shooting survived and was released. A weapon was recovered from the scene.

As with all police-involved shootings, the Michigan State Police is investigating.

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