LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Two puppies in emaciated and injured condition were abandoned Tuesday near the Jackson County Animal Shelter.

Video shared by the animal shelter shows people pulling up to the shelter’s parking lot in a truck, the passenger quickly hopping out carrying two puppies which they toss over a nearby fence.

The puppies were taken in by animal shelter staff and were discovered to both be severely emaciated. Lydia Sattler, Jackson County Animal Shelter Director, said the puppies scored 1 on the body condition score system, a 0 to 9 scale that rates an animal’s physical condition.

The two puppies that were abandoned nearby the Jackson County Animal Shelter on Tuesday. (Photo/Jackson County Animal Shelter).

Sattler said the people in the truck have been identified and whether they’ll be charged with abandonment or animal cruelty will be decided following an investigation.

As for the puppies, she said they must recover from their injuries and go on a strict re-feeding schedule before they can become ready for adoption. “We need to monitor their progress and get daily weights” she said.

If you have animals you can no longer care for, Sattler says it is urgent to go through the proper channels and contact your local animal shelter.

“We take care of puppies every day, that’s what we do here. Abandoning animals like this does them a disservice because without you coming in, we won’t know anything about their condition,” Sattler said.

You can follow updates from the Jackson County Animal Shelter on its official website.