LANSING (Mich) WLNS- Gun violence here in Michigan has been a big issue, especially at schools. One local group rallied outside the capitol demanding legislative change, starting with three separate bills.

Teens and advocates from “End Gun Violence Michigan” gathered at St. Paul’s church to grab the attention of lawmakers, hoping for change when it comes to gun laws.

For many teens, gun violence hits close to home.

High school student and advocate Jayanti Gupta stated “I think every place I go, I fear for my safety. And that is more prevalent in schools. Schools are meant to be safe where I can develop as a person.”

Another high school advocate, Lucy Goebel, said, “I started learning in Kindergarten. We would have teachers come through the halls knocking on doors doing safety drills.”

They are looking for three separate bills to be changed to combat this issue.

“In the law it requires background checks for pistols. What we want to change it to is firearms, and so what this does is it gives mandatory background checks to anyone trying to purchase a firearm instead of strictly a pistol.

Bishop Bonnie Perry said, “We very much respect the rights of folks who own guns… What I am talking about is guns that are not secured, and guns that are responsively cared for.”

Teens like Jayanti say these changes will make them feel a lot safer at school.

Gupta discussed her experiences with shooting drills, “Teachers and counselors are expected o help me we go through drills where were told If you come in front of a gunman or someone shooting then you’re expected to push them by any means necessary. What does that even mean?”