LANSING, Mich.(WLNS)- While the Lansing Medical Marijuana Ordinance is still a work in progress, there’s already a state statute in effect dealing with medical marijuana and officials want the public to know you must abide by it.

The 2008 Medical Marijuana Act and only allows caregivers to sell the medical drug to a total of 5 patients.

On Friday, the law will be in the spotlight when members of Lansing City Council will meet with Interim Prosecuting Attorney Gretchen Whitmer to ask some pressing questions about the law and if it’s being enforced in the city.

With a new Interim Prosecuting Attorney in command, Lansing City Council Member Carol Wood says she wants to make sure everyone in the city is on the same page when it comes to enforcement.

“What is your biggest question for prosecutor Whitmer? I think my biggest question is are you prosecuting medical marijuana cases?” said Council Member Carol Wood.

While the 2008 law is in place Wood says enforcement is still not an easy feat.

“The law and some of the rules and regulations were not well written and because of that many of us are trying to figure out how to have some type of enforcement,” said Wood.

But when it comes to putting a lid on the budding industry, Interim Prosecuting Attorney Gretchen Whitmer says her office does not  investigate violations of the act.

“Our role is when an investigation is brought to us from a local law enforcement agency then we take a look at it to see if we got sufficient evidence to bring charges,” said Whitmer.

6 News spoke with Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero who says right now there are not enough police officers on the streets to monitor the industry.

“The police department has a job to do answering 911 calls. I don’t have an extra force of 20 people to put on a marijuana Gestapo to shut down these dispensaries,” said Mayor Bernero.