LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – The Board of Ethics for the City of Lansing met to discuss the final report on several alleged ethics violations concerning city council member Jeffery Brown.

The report was done by a third-party investigator after a complaint was submitted by several council members and Mayor Andy Schor back in March.

Tuesday, the board decided to move ahead with one of the complaints against Brown.

The complaints involve Brown personally submitting two community-based funding requests directly to Congresswoman Elissa Slotkin’s office. That’s something that’s typically handled by the mayor’s office.

In a report, Brown told investigators he was confused by the process.

His attorneys also said Mayor Schor was included in those initial funding request emails and that the full application was never finished.

An ethics board member recommended additional training for Brown on how to properly request funding.

“The way we look at education doesn’t hurt anyone. The more you know the better you can do whatever you’re doing,” Brown’s attorney, Brendon Basiga said.

The ethics board also accepted the investigator’s findings that two other ethics complaints were without merit.

Brown’s attorneys said Brown missed the ethics meeting Tuesday because of a previously scheduled mission trip in the Philippines.

The city council is expected to meet on Monday to discuss the one remaining ethics complaint against Brown.