BATH TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WLNS) — Moldy vents, filthy refrigerators — just some of the horror stories from students at off-campus apartments.

We keep getting more and more stories of students dealing with poor conditions in their new apartments. Some of the worst are coming out of Chandler Crossings.

Since the first story aired last week, we’ve gotten several emails from students and parents who are fed up with the filth.

Alden Wack, a freshman at Lansing Community College, moved in and discovered he didn’t even have a toilet seat. “How do I not have a toilet seat? That is one of the most basic things that are in a bathroom,” Wack said.

It was an unfortunate first week for Wack, living at the Village at Chandler Crossings. “Right now, we have one key for four people that live in my apartment,” Wack said.

He moved in on Aug. 25. What exactly did he find waiting for him? “I look in the refrigerator, and it’s filthy. My refrigerator wasn’t cold, so I couldn’t even keep milk for cereal. The stove burners were piled on top of it. And I saw my bedroom, I looked up, and saw there was no smoke detector whatsoever,” Wack said.

Wack thought it couldn’t get any worse until he saw a bird’s nest in his balcony light.

Ella Zayban moved into the Club at Chandler Crossings in August. “Every time our door stopped working, every single time they tell us ‘Leave your patio unlocked,'” Zayban said. He also said a message from management was worrisome. Zayben said it read, “Please be aware of flying furniture that we will be tossing off balconies starting at 1 p.m.”

6 News spoke with a few leasing agents who were not allowed to go on camera. They say they’re working diligently to get all maintenance requests and door issues fixed.

Even though Wack has his stove, fridge and toilet seat now, he says students deserve more. “Now this is the standard for them. And it should not be whatsoever. This is sad,” Wack said.

A spokesperson with Pierce Education Properties, which is Chandler Crossings’ management company, says specialists have been called to replace locks and fix keys — adding that people should report issues right away. However, they refused to speak with 6 News on camera.