Everett band welcomes in students from Sexton and Eastern HS


LANSING, Mich. (WLNS)– Tonight for the first time, marching band students got to take center field during half time at the Eastern verses Everett football game.

Except, the marching band for Everett doesn’t only have Everett students. It also has a student from Sexton High School and four students from Eastern High School.

Due a lack of students interested in marching band, the two high schools canceled marching band this year.

Penny Filonczuk, the band director for Everett High School marching band, said that it all started when a parent from Eastern reached out and asked if their teen could join the Everett band.

“I said well I think that could work, and so I checked with the district and we made it work and in the meantime, a couple other kids from Eastern said well hey, I’m a senior and I want to do it too,” said Filonczuk.

So the group of 30 grew to 35, welcoming in students from the other schools in the Lansing School District.

“It’s not about me, it’s about them and their experiences and we want to make it as wonderful as we can for them,” said Filonczuk.

One of the students from Eastern joining the band is senior, Eliana McDonald.

“They were all super welcoming the first day and encouraged me to invite all my friends so all the seniors got the experience so it was really nice of them to be so inclusive,” said McDonald.

And students at Everett say they’re happy to have the new members.

“They fill in spots they we might not have had and all of them very good and I’m very proud of them,” Tristan Davis, a junior at Everett High School.

Filonczuk said that Eastern is welcoming back marching band members and students who have already joined the Everett band will actually perform in both bands.

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