LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – A Lansing code enforcement officer has been accused of taking and sharing photos of dead people encountered over the course of their enforcement duties.

Lansing City Council officials were sent an anonymous email Friday shortly before 1 p.m. alleging the employee “loves to take and share pictures of deceased people.” The complaint alleges the employee would share the photos with other employees, friends and family “thinking it was funny.”

The complaint included a picture of the nonpublic side of the city’s software to track code violations. The image shows the account was open for the accused employee, and a picture of what appears to be a dead body is show as part of the files for the property.

The complainant says in the email the picture was taken by them while sitting next to the accused code officer.

City spokesman Scott Bean says the email and images have been referred to the Office of the City Attorney and Human Resources so they can investigate. 

Council President Carol Wood says referral to Human Resources was the appropriate action. She declined to discuss the situation further.

6 News couldn’t find the employee’s contact information to reach out to them for comment.