UPDATE: The Michigan State Police have also confirmed there’s an “open investigation, which stems from a request from the city of DeWitt.” A spokesperson would not say what is being investigated or why.

DEWITT, Mich. (WLNS) – The former Clerk-Treasurer for the city of DeWitt is under investigation by the Michigan State Police, Clinton County law enforcement officials confirm.

Lisa Grysen also served as an auxiliary officer for the Clinton County Sheriff’s Department until last week. That’s when she resigned from the position, said her supervisor Sgt. Pat McPherson.

“She resigned,” from the Sgt. McPherson says, “because of what she was dealing with, with her former employer.”

Her employer was the city of DeWitt, he confirms. Grysen served as both clerk and treasurer – an appointed position, not an elected one.

McPherson says Michigan State Police are investigating her, but declined to elaborate on what the allegations may be. A second member of the sheriff’s department also confirmed the investigation.

“It’s all still under investigation about what she may or may not have done,” McPherson says.

Officials with the state police confirmed they were looking into 6 News’ questions about the investigation.

Grysen’s name and image have been removed from the city’s website. Her LinkedIn profile still lists her employment with the city, noting she began in the position nearly 23 years ago. It also says she was a 2nd Lieutenant with the mounted division since Jan. 2018.

After repeated phone calls resulted in a refusal by DeWitt officials to confirm whether Grysen was employed, 6 News filed a Freedom of Information Act request earlier this week. Today, a reporter showed up at DeWitt City Hall, but could not get answers.

DeWitt’s City Administrator Daniel Coss and Mayor Sue Leeming refused to discuss Grysen’s employment status with the city or who was handling the clerk/treasurer responsibilities.

“I appreciate your questions, but the personnel issues I cannot comment on now,” said Coss.

Coss declined to identify who, if anyone, is the interim Clerk-Treasurer. Asked if the city’s residents deserve to know who their clerk was, Coss says “There are no elections scheduled for the calendar 2023 and we have people who are deputized. So, if somebody needs to register to vote we all of us are deputized we can still register someone to vote. Operations are still ongoing.”

“As far as service delivery for our residents, nothing has changed for them,” Coss says.

Leeming, the mayor also declined to comment about the “personnel matter,” and echoed Coss’ assurance that city services were not impacted.

No one answered the door at Grysen’s home this afternoon. She has not responded to a note left on her door by 6 News.