Expert gives escape tips in case of a house fire


LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) If a fire does ever start in your home, being prepared is crucial and could mean life or death.

Michael McLeieer from the Olivet Fire Department says the most important thing to do before a fire happens is to develop an escape plan and figure out all possible exits in advance.

“If families practice that home fire escape plan it better prepares everyone in the home, whether there’s young children or older adults, on the best way and quickest way to be able to get outside when fire or smoke conditions present themselves,” said McLeieer.

Lieutenant McLeieer says there’s no way to predict a fire, but there are ways to prepare if one happens.

He says as families make their escape plan, they should determine a meeting point outside, which can be a neighbor’s house, nearby tree, or just the front yard.

“Homes with children should always practice that home fire escape plan, teaching the children to learn their quickest way outside. It could be through a door or it could be through a bedroom window,” said McLeieer.

If a fire does happen in your home and you’re stuck on the second or third floor, McLeieer says to have an escape ladder handy. Or if you can’t get out yourself,  to put a light colored sheet over a window. This serves as a signal to let fight fighters know someone needs help.

He also says to sleep with your bedroom door closed to block smoke if the fire is coming from another room.

“When we’re able to have those bedroom doors closed when the smoke alarm sounds in another part of the home, occupants have a better chance of quickly and safely getting outside, going out to that family meeting place,” said McLeieer.

McLeieer also says to never try to take anything with you outside and make sure your smoke alarm is replaced every ten years.

“Many times people don’t think fire is going to happen to them, and fire can happen at any time,” said McLeieer.

For more information on how to make a fire escape plan for your home, check out Seen on 6. We have links to different resources.

You can also download the file below. It’s a guide you can use to draw out your home floor plan to develop an escape route in case of fire.

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