EXPERT: The Great Lakes warming above average is a concern


LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Research shows over the past years the Great Lakes are getting warmer and warmer according to The Washington Post. Experts here in Michigan agree and they say it’s definitely a concern.

Researchers say last month The Great Lakes were 5 to 6 degrees above average, mainly because of abnormal spikes from the summer. What exactly does that mean? Experts say ice is forming later in the year and disappearing earlier.

Alan Steinman, director of Grand Valley’s Annis Water Resource in Muskegon says this can impact several things. People who like to ice fish will have a shorter season, and being on the ice maybe a little bit more dangerous. He says there may be people more stranded on ice floats, or even fall through the ice.

Another concern is different species living in The Great Lakes. Warmer temperatures may make it hard for them to adjust so unless they migrate further north they could be wiped out from these lakes.

Now it’s known that the use of carbon dioxide and fossil fuels being burned leads to increased temperatures. Steinman says until big changes happen having an ice-free season is impossible soon. Steinman says until big changes happen having an ice-free season could happen in the future.

” I think based on the model predictions when the lakes that normally have ice every winter can become ice free throughout the entire winter, that would be a big issue. So the predictions are sometime in the later part of 21st century if things don’t change then we will have ice-free seasons here in the Great Lakes,” said Steinman.

He says there are plenty of things you can do to reduce your carbon footprint like walking or riding your bike, carpooling, using energy-saving appliances, and he says choosing who you vote for also plays a huge role.

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