Experts come together to keep PFAS out of drinking water


PFAS are popping up in water sources across the Michigan. Now, people are coming together to try to find ways to prevent these chemicals from ending up in our drinking water. 

PFAS are commonly used chemicals that can be found in thousands of household and other consumer products, including on non-stick pans. 

Wednesday afternoon some Michigan State University employees brought experts together in downtown Lansing to discuss the PFAS problem. 

They discussed what they know about the chemicals and what they still need to learn. This includes the impact these chemicals are having on people and the environment.

As of now, Michigan has 49 sites of PFAS contamination and across the state people are actively searching for other sites. They’re making sure that people’s drinking water is as safe as it can be.

“There’s a lot more work to do,” said Michigan PFAS Action Response Team Executive Director Steve Sliver. “The key is wherever we’re identifying the PFAS in drinking water supplies in particular, we’re making sure that people have alternate water and then we’re gonna go after the source and remediate it longer term.”

Sliver said getting PFAS out of the ecosystem is going to be a challenge. He said not only is it found in a lot of things, it’s not easy to break down and get rid of. 

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