Experts, Researchers Working Towards Cybercrime Prevention


LANSING, MI (WLNS) – Crime experts and researchers gathered in Lansing to discuss an issue that effects companies, organizations and millions of people around the globe. Michigan State University’s 2nd Annual Interdisciplinary Conference on Cyber Crime was held Thursday at the James. B. Henry Center for Executive Development.

Experts, researchers and group leaders participated in panel discussions surrounding technical and social research. Presentations were held involving hacking and criminal behavior.

“We are having individuals from computer science, from information security and from technology criminal justice programs talking about their work on cyber crimes,” Michigan State University Assoc. Professor Tom Holt says.

With a goal to bring authorities, companies and communities together and use knowledge as a key tool to ending the nuisance.

“I think academia has a lot to offer,” says Johan Van Wilsem, Assoc. Professor of Criminology in the Netherlands. “The industry has a lot of data it has a lot of knowledge as well as the police so we have to share the knowledge and make each other wiser.”

Through the use of education, a hacker could be spotted early on.

Ann Floor, an adviser of the National Anti-Crime Unit in the Netherlands says, “You have to be a bit educated by everything that can happen, about the risks and that way you can protect yourself against it.”

However, there are steps people can take in identifying someone trying to steal your information.

“I would look for signs like files you never downloaded, or never used on your system,” Assistant Professor David Maimon with the University of Maryland, College Park says. “If your computer is running slower, or there’s software you’re not familiar with then again it’s another indication that you have someone hacking your computer.”

As the conference concluded attendees walked away with knowledge on how hackers think to help detect and defend against cyber crime before it’s too late.

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