LANSING, MI (WLNS)- The Iowa caucus is just two days away.

And while this year the Michigan primaries are March 8th, political experts say Michigan votes could help change the fate of this election.

“This year our primary is kind of like 15th to 20th in line among all the states running” Political analyst Bill Ballenger said.

According expert Bill Ballenger Michigan’s primary date could impact this year’s election.

“If a candidate is ahead in the delegate chase by the time Michigan’s primary is held on March 8th, and if he or she does well here, it could be the nudge that pushes them across the finish line” Ballenger said.

In 1976 Michigan’s primary impacted the nominee vote.

“Ford had beaten Reagan in the presidential primary here in Michigan, but narrowly. And then Ford very, narrowly won the nomination from Ronald Reagan at the 1976 convention. So you could have said Michigan helped determine Ford as the nominee in 1976.” Ballenger said.

But according to Ballenger this year’s election is somewhat unpredictable.

“There could be all sorts of candidates who drop out of the race. So even though technically some of them might be on the ballot March 8th, they’re not going to be in the race.” Ballanger said.

And since a lot can change in just over a month, Ballenger advises you keep track of the polls before you cast your vote.

You have to be at least 18 years old to register to vote in Michigan.

You still have time to register before the election.