LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – The tragic mass shooting in Texas has rocked the nation, with 19 children and two teachers gunned down by an 18-year-old.

People are trying to wrap their heads around how this could have happened.

Dr. Farha Abbasi, a psychiatric professor at Michigan State University, says many are pointing to mental illness, and she takes issue with that.

“It concerns me as a mental health provider when we throw everything into the basket of mental illnesses,” Dr. Abbasi said.

Dr. Abbasi says labeling all mass shooters as mentally ill can further stigmatize those living with mental illnesses.

“Not everyone suffering from mental illness just goes, gets a gun and decides to do this heinous act,” Dr. Abbasi said.

But for Michigan Representative Luke Meerman, mental illness is at the forefront of this issue.

He’s the co-chair of the bipartisan House School Safety Task Force.

“My perspective on the task force has been on the mental health world and that effect that that has on it. It’s a multi-pronged approach so it’s about training, its boots on the ground, its more councilors,” said Rep. Meerman.

Both Rep. Meerman and Dr. Abbasi say there isn’t one solution to stopping these tragedies

But that it’s never been more important to figure out what those solutions are.

“It was mental illness, oh it’s gun control, it is something deeper and we really need to delve into it now before its too late,” Dr. Abbasi said.