Experts worried betting bill will increase gambling addiction


The American Gambling Association says Americans will wager 8.5 million dollars during March Madness. The Michigan betting bill would allow sports betting year round. 

Supporters of the bill boast of the increase in tax revenue to the State job; Gambling addiction experts warn of the potential harm easy access gambling can have on the community.

The ‘Proximity’ Study says that when a new Casino opens, compulsive gambling doubles within a 60-mile radius. The new bill will make gambling more accessible. Experts say it is inevitable that more people with struggle with a gambling addiction.

“Since the state is fully aware that these problems are going to develop, and these problems will be divorces, spouse abuse, child abuse, crimes, suicide. They know this is going to happen down the road, there should be steps put in place for prevention and treatment” says, Michael Burke, President of the Michigan Association of Problem Gambling.

Burke says the people who are most at risk to develop a gambling problem are people recovering from substance abuse. He believes the State needs to be proactive in warning them about the dangers of gambling.

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