LANSING, MI (WLNS) – Currently in Michigan there are roughly 13,000 children throughout the state’s foster care system. Right now, 300 are looking for a permanent place to live.

Church and religious leaders from the state today focused on their faith-based community effort to place more children in families.

6 News Nick Perreault talks about the importance of adoption across Michigan.

This room full of faith-based community backers from across the state was not just a summit to congratulate hard work in their community, but to talk about the importance of adoption in Michigan.

“We see numbers that if the faith community stepped up and if every community in the state stepped up and provided one family to take in a vulnerable child, a child in the system, we’d end the system,” said Kyle Ray, Kentwood Community Church Lead Pastor.

A system that according to the Department of Health and Human Services has roughly 13,000 children from newborns to 18.

3,000 of those are looking for a permanent home.

“They’re really key partners for us, because they’re out there recruiting from their congregations to find people,” said Bob Wheaton department of health and human services, communications manager.

Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley made a brief cameo to throw in his support.

“Being effective at what we do now will make a difference for generations to come,” Calley said.

The lieutenant governor added this on the topic, “We need to find places where they can really thrive and that means getting to the bottom of what are the needs of the family, what are the things that have held them back.”

But we asked pastor Ray his thoughts on calling on the faith-based community to solve Michigan’s adoption issue.

“When you have a state that has all these resources, there’s really no reason for the faith community not to step up and solve the problem,” Pastor Ray said.

Pastor Ray points to Colorado and Texas, states he say’s where faith-based communities have led the way in finding homes and lowering those who rely on foster care for a place to call home.

“This is right in our wheelhouse of putting our faith into action.”

Action that will help young children find a home.

Looking at the numbers, there is some positive news.

State officials say while over the last four years the number of children available for adoption has gone down, the percentage of children being adopted has gone up.