EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — The Spartan community came together to help students come back to campus on Monday.

As MSU students returned to classes, their family members gathered on campus to show support. Hundreds showed up to help students who were feeling nervous about returning to class.

The event was organized by parents of MSU students who were looking to help. They gave out hugs and passed out granola bars as students made their way to class.

“This is a huge campus with a lot of students. A lot of them don’t have local family. So, I’m hoping that part of the Spartan community feels embraced and supported and less alone. They got family, because family more than just blood,” said Heather Sertic, a mother of an MSU student who organized the event.

MSU is provided counseling resources for students at caps.msu.edu/emergency/feb2023crisisresponse.