LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — The family of Jermain Jones are all still in a state of shock.

The 2-year-old went missing from his Clinton County home on Monday and after a massive search, a dive team found his body in the Looking Glass River on Tuesday.

2-year-old Jermain, an autistic and non-verbal toddler, was found dead in Clinton County. Oct. 10, 2023 (Images: WLNS, Clinton County)

They are asking the community for prayers as they grieve. Jermain’s aunt this morning wanted people to know that they’re holding up the best they can.

One of Jermain’s’ older cousins says she is very sad but is reflecting on all the great moments she got to share with him. “I woke up a bunch of times in the middle of the night thinking I was late to look for him again. And then it came to me that there’s no more looking for him, so,” Brook’l Miller said.

Miller says despite the tears she’s cried in the past 48 hours, it brings her peace thinking of the moments she had with her little cousin, who she says called her “Auntie.”

“I would love more, but I’m grateful for the ones we did share. Such a cuddly boy,” Miller said. “It’s just a lot. I’m feeling numb, which I think right now is best case scenario.”

“I’ve been looking through them all night,” Miller added. “All he does is make his little coos and laugh non-stop. He would run around for no reason just like giggling.”

Miller is related to the child’s father. She says he and everyone else are doing their best. “I can’t imagine being in their shoes. Especially after seeing everybody come together to help look for him. It was so hopeful. And then to get that news was just gut-wrenching,” Miller said.

An aunt on the mother’s side of the family also spoke to 6 News. She wants people to know that the babysitter who was watching Jermain when he left the home is a family member and that the teen lives with the mother.

The community support has been strong from the beginning, hundreds came out to help look for Jermain.

And on Wednesday, the Grand Ledge superintendent issued a statement offering counseling to anyone in the school district who needs it.

Miller says she did not expect the outpouring of love but says she’s more than thankful. “It’s not the outcome we wanted of course. But the support does feel good,” Miller said.

If you’d like to help Jermain’s family, visit this GoFundMe link.