Family delights neighborhood with big holiday light display in Jackson County


MICHIGAN CENTER, Mich. (WLNS) – With Christmas Day finally here we can now relax and enjoy the beauty of the season.

But just know that a family in Jackson County works hard every year to give their neighborhood a feast for the eyes.

6 News visited their winter wonderland.

It all started with one plastic Santa Claus.

“And then it took over,” said Bob Czartoryski.

Little by little, the holiday cheer spread across the front lawn of the Czartoryski family home in Michigan Center.

“When you come around that corner, it’s like Vegas opens up,” Czartoryski said.

The display has thousands of lights and several dozen St. Nicks.

“About 64, got about 28 snowmen,” Czartoryski said.

It takes Bob and Jeanie Czartoryski one week to assemble the display.

Bob grew up in New York City and loves the wide open spaces of Jackson County.

“You couldn’t swing a dead flea without hitting somebody. Over here, look at this. I can’t hit anybody,” Czartoryski said.

Putting up all these lights is a lot of work.

But they’re comforted knowing people in the neighborhood look forward to it every year.

The display brings a lot of sightseers to Washington Drive.

Bob says they see around 25 cars drive by every night during the holidays.

“There’s nothing more precious than a smile on a child’s face,” Czartoryski said.

They had a death in the family this year and were considering not putting up the lights.

“And I said, ‘If your mother was sitting here, what do you think she’d tell you to do?’ She said, ‘You’re right,’ so we put it up. Because mom would have wanted it up because she always said, ‘It’s so beautiful and it’s lovely,” so we had to put it up,” Czartoryski said.

The display is bringing them peace and joy during this difficult time.

“When you walk through it, all of a sudden, you’re just at peace with the world,” Czartoryski said.

They hope it does the same for everyone who passes by.

“There could be joy in the world, there could be peace in the world, and this is proof,” Czartoryski said.

Bob says you can expect the display to get even bigger.

“Oh, my wife is going to make it bigger. We borrowed some land over there, and they said we can put more stuff over there. Before you know it, the whole block will be lit up,” Czartoryski said.

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