LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Theodore “Ted” Lawson, 63, was the secretary of the Ingham County Democratic Party. He was shot and killed Oct. 8 while going door-to-door to campaign for a political candidate.

“He was ready to help no matter what. It was never a problem for him. He was never too busy,” said Lawson’s oldest daughter, Brittany. “He just loved helping people understand things. He loved making people happy. He loved making a difference.”

Brittany Lawson said her dad was the kindest person she’s ever met. She said since she was a child, her dad worked with the Democratic Party. His passion was educating people on their voting rights.

“He was ready to tell people what was going on,” Brittany Lawson said. “He was ready to help people understand proposals, what the people who were running stood for, things like that. That was probably the coolest part about him; he loved to educate people.”

In addition to being a lifelong activist, Lawson served as a U.S. Marine. “He was a sharpshooter, so, yeah, right–who would have ever guessed that from him? I didn’t know that, either. I learned a lot of really cool stuff about my dad,” Brittany Lawson said.

Most importantly, Lawson raised two daughters. His children say some of their favorite memories with him involved sharing their love for 1990s alternative rock. “He was my best concert buddy ever,” Brittany Lawson said. “Like, even at 63, we were still going to concerts together out in Detroit, him going to work the next day. We always had so much fun together; we were always so excited to see each other.”

Lawson’s legacy of activism will live on. His daughter said she will be looking to work with the Democratic party before long.

Ted Lawson (WLNS)

“I will get there in time, I think,” Brittany Lawson said. “I need to take a little bit of time for myself first, but somebody’s got to pick up where he left off. He left very big shoes to fill, and I guess I will get back to it, because I was always the one that was into it with him.”

The preliminary exam for the 15-year-old who was charged as an adult with the murder of Ted Lawson begins Dec. 1.