EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – A police-involved shooting Monday left one man in the hospital, and now his family is speaking out.

East Lansing police released more details about what happened, and Michigan State Police are investigating.

We now know the man who was shot is still in the hospital in stable condition, and in custody.

Family members of the man say the shooting was uncalled for. They say he was doing nothing wrong and they believe he was targeted for his race.

“He had his hands in the air, and they continued to shoot him,” said his aunt, Charity VanAtten.

“I seen him on the floor and I’m just screaming telling them to stop shooting stop shooting,” said his girlfriend, Katy.

The girlfriend of the man who was shot says she was too emotional to go on camera, but she saw the whole thing happen while sitting in a car with her 8-month-old child.

“They started pulling their guns out at me and my baby, she said. “The officer that shot him the first time and dropped his taser, like snatched me away and kept pushing me and pushing me.”

Someone called East Lansing Police claiming the man put a gun in his pocket before he walked into the store. His girlfriend says he wasn’t armed at all.

Both family members have many questions about what happened.

“This is not okay, to shoot a young black male, white male, yellow male, brown male. Anybody running away. He was not posing a threat to them or to anybody else,” said VanAtten.

All this happened in a busy parking lot, something the man’s girlfriend says is even more traumatizing.

“It’s other people walking out of the grocery store. Like all these people running, ducking and they’re just shooting wild,” said Katie.

The man’s aunt says even though he has a criminal past, she believes there was no reason he should’ve been chased or shot.

“Training across the board for all of our police is not enough. It’s not equipped to handle any situation like this. He was a young black male scared of being chased by police and didn’t know why, so he ran,” said VanAtten.

East Lansing Police say they did recover a gun from the scene, but have not said if the man fired shots at officers.

Michigan State Police are investigating this case and say the man is being held on a previous charge.

The man’s aunt says he did suffer broken ribs from the encounter with the police.

The two officers involved are on paid administrative leave. The investigation is still ongoing.