LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – “By no means was he right, he was just in the wrong place.”
Angel Robinson, the sister of 31-year-old Terrance Robinson spoke about what she calls a traumatic situation for her brother.

Police say 31-year-old Terrance Robinson was shot and killed after he fired several rounds at police last week.

The video released Friday begins with officers talking to Robinson near the doorway of the home. You can hear one officer ask if he has a gun. The video cuts and then officers are seen outside the home, hiding behind vehicles.

“Listen man, nobody wants to die today, alright, let’s just come out and we can sort this out,” one officer can be heard saying.

Robinson’s sister said she feels LPD officers could’ve done more to save her brother’s life.

“I felt like his mother or me or her could’ve definitely talked him down. I don’t feel like they put enough effort in de-escalation.” Angel Robinson said.

The woman who says she and Robinson planned to spend the rest of their lives together told 6 News she wants others to know that he was a good man.

“He meant everything. I loved him just for him. He would do whatever he needed to to help his family. I just wish that the outcome would’ve been different,” fiance Rachel Trevino said.

Robinson’s sister said she hopes that people on the outside looking in would empathize with her brother.

“Everybody goes through things in life. You guys don’t know what he was going through at that moment. Just don’t be judgmental,” she said.

Officers Dan Salinaz, who’s been with LPD for two years, and Nicholas Zuber, who has eight years with the department are both on paid administrative leave.