Family reunites with MSP trooper who saved newborn baby


JACKSON, Mich. (WLNS) — A mid-Michigan family is welcoming a baby girl into their family.


But the first moments of her life were scary ones for her parents, who went to a Michigan State Police post for help.


6 News has the story of a trooper’s heroic rescue.


With a baby on the way early Monday morning, Andrew Paielli and his wife, Jessica, were driving from Stockbridge to the hospital in Jackson. 


But their daughter, Hanna, just couldn’t wait.


 “My wife’s water broke and she began to come out feet first,” Paielli said.


Seeing the Michigan State Police post in Jackson, the couple pulled into the parking lot.   


But because the post was closed, they couldn’t get anyone to come to the door.


The couple delivered the baby themselves.


“She was blue, purple, not responsive,” Paielli said.


The father called 911 and got the help they were waiting for.


Trooper Ronnie Tucker says he was nearby in his patrol car when he was dispatched to the post.


 “She wasn’t breathing at all,” Tucker said.


Tucker was the first officer to arrive and says his training kicked in.


“I made sure she had an open airway, started rubbing her chest to try to get some stimulation going. And when she let out her first cry, I think I almost fainted,” Tucker said.


The signs of life were a relief to her parents.


“I was afraid, more afraid then I have ever been in my life, that I was going to lose my daughter,” Paielli said.


Officers from the Blackman-Leoni Township Department of Public Safety and the Jackson County Sheriff’s office also helped with the emergency, sending mother and baby to the hospital for a full recovery. 


Hanna and her parents reunited with Trooper Tucker Wednesday afternoon, thanking him for the rescue.


“I mean, I can’t even express it in words. I’m extremely grateful for everyone that helped,” Paielli said.


It was also an emotional moment for Trooper Tucker.


With only eight months on the force, this was his first big rescue.


“I was just doing my job, just like the other officers. I don’t think we’re heroes by any sense. I just think it’s what we signed up to do,” Tucker said.


But he realizes the impact he’s made on Hanna’s life.


“I’m sure we’ll remain friends the rest of our lives. It’s great to see them again today,” Tucker said.


With the threat of tragedy now in the rearview mirror, the Paielli family can focus on bringing home 9 pounds of joy.


“She’s going to be reminded of this for the rest of her life, for sure,” Paielli said.


Hanna was also welcomed by her three siblings.

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