POTTERVILLE, Mich. (WLNS) – A family of five from Potterville said these past few months have been a nightmare. That’s because they can’t get their insurance check until their property is cleaned up after a devastating house fire, but they said the problem is that the land owners haven’t been clear on who’s responsible for the cleanup.

“All I heard was Justin screaming fire, fire. I immediately just freaked out and turned around and thought babies, grab my children and get out of here,” mother Kassandra Wilson said.

Kassandra and her fiancée Justin Mason woke up to find their home engulfed in flames.

“We had eight people that were in that house that day. Thank God that all of us are okay,” Justin Mason said.

Their family went from living in a four-bedroom home to staying in their camper.

Mason said that he wants to get their home at Independence Commons mobile home park cleaned up so they can get their insurance check, but he’s not sure if the cleanup is his responsibility.

“I’m trying to save all the money I can. That $13,000 check would get us into a more feasible place that would provide us some ground to stand on. To pay $7,000 or $ 8,000 out of it is…I wanna know who’s liable,” Mason said.

According to an email sent to a resident 6 News spoke with last week, their community manager told them that maintenance would be cleaning up the trash around the property, but no one ever came.

“It sounded like Independence Commons said we’re gonna clean it, up so that’s where I really stopped and questioned. They sent you an email, we’re struggling. What do we do about this?” Mason said.

Now, Mason wants to know if Independence Commons is going to do what they said they would.

6 News went back to the community office and the manager there wouldn’t tell us who was responsible for the mess, or who we could call to find out.

For Wilson, she says she just wants her life back.

“Do we know? Is it really our responsibility? Or should the park take care of this? We want our home cleaned up just as much as anybody else. It feels like it’s holding us back from moving on,” Wilson said.