EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Spartan Stadium and downtown East Lansing will be rocking Saturday night.

It’s rivalry game night between the University of Michigan Wolverines and Michigan State University Spartans.

While players are amping up for the game, they are not alone.

East Lansing businesses are also ready.

“We anticipate it to be our biggest game day yet. We’re really excited to host the wolverines and especially a night game so we’ve increased staff, we’ve increased our prep for the week,” says Billy Smalley, the general manager of El Azteco. 

Excitement and preparation, that’s what rivalry day is all about the general manager tells 6 News.

Aside from the providing a great dining experience, Smalley says safety for all is a priority.

“We’re gonna have some door guys in at night for security,” he says. “The extra staff and extra presence is definitely gonna help make everyone feel safe. We’re as clean as we can be right now and hopefully, they come in and make a mess of our place and we get to clean all over next week.” 

Wolverine fan Nick Addy is in East Lansing for the game and says he’s looking forward to a night of fun. He has plans to keep track of his friends that he is hanging out with Saturday night.

“We have each other’s location so we’re able to check on each other, call each other and just make sure we go home safely,” Addy says.

With a plan to keep everyone safe, Addy says he not going to hold back cheering for his beloved Blue and Maize.  

“I’m pumped man, I’m ready to go. See it’s MSU versus U of M.,” He says. “This ain’t no regular game this is a real man’s game.”