Father reflects on stolen church relic with Easter approaching


JACKSON, MI (WLNS) – It is a time for celebration for those practicing Christianity.  Several holidays are coming up this week with Holy Thursday tomorrow and capped off by Easter Sunday.

St. John’s Church has been sitting on the corner of Ganson and  Francis for decades.  They head into this religious holiday weekend with more on their plate than usual.

St. John the Evangelist Parish Communications Director Jeromy Alexander said, “having the Monstrance come up missing is just a potential distraction right now so we’re just doing our best to keep our prayers lively for the person who was able to take it.  We’re trying to make sure to stay focused on the worship that we have in hand.”

The Monstrance is made up of silver and gold. Priests use the piece during the service for the Eucharist.

St. John the Evangelist Parish Fr. Chas Canoy said, “I just felt sad because it has monetary value but also has great sentimental and historical value for the church.”

According to the faithful, this is no ordinary Monstrance.  During a service five years ago, worshippers believed they witnessed a miracle.

“An image appeared in the figure of Jesus, I would say.  I was told there was an outline or an image that didn’t show up very well in the photograph.  But, for the people that were actually there, they said it was unmistakable,” said Fr. Canoy.

According to Jackson City Police, the relic, worth an estimated $10,000, was swiped after at least one person walked through an unlocked back door at St. John’s.

“We’re hoping he’s able to come out and return it and allow the mercy that God holds for him to be realized by him,” said Alexander.

For now, they will move on while waiting for maybe another miracle and retrieve their Monstrance.

The Jackson police say they have no new details about the missing Monstrance.

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