FCC Calls For More Control Over Internet Service Providers


(WLNS) – If you are someone who likes to stream music or videos on your phone or computer listen up.

New rules proposed by the Federal Communications Commission could change the way that we use the internet. The FCC is calling for more control over internet service providers. These rules are aimed to protect the little guys and ensure that the Internet stays as President Obama puts it, “free and open.”

The FCC proposes rules to make sure Internet providers cannot block or slow down access to any particular content like streaming a Netflix movie or watching a YouTube video. The rules would also ban what is called Fast Lanes where companies pay service providers for faster content.

This aspect is particularly important for small businesses and Internet startups that generally do not have much funding.

The Internet Association including companies like Google, Amazon and Facebook applaud the new rules but the FCC expects lawsuits from major broadband service providers.

The FCC is expected to vote on the new rules later this month.

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