LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Federal officials raid three Lansing medical marijuana dispensaries and now those tied directly to the business are speaking out.

The moves comes after state police and the FBI raided several locations of HydroWorld Tuesday.

And it comes just days before Lansing City Council considers a moratorium on medical marijuana shops in Lansing.

6 News was there when federal, state and local officials carried out marijuana plants, supplies, personal belongings and cash from three Lansing medical marijuana shops Tuesday.

“Initially when I got there I thought they were robbed. I didn’t know they were robbed by the FBI said Trisha Burch.

It’s an experience HydroWorld vendor Trisha Burch says she will never forget.

“Everyone that was inside the building, was in handcuffs on the floor,” said Burch.

6 News spoke with the DEA about the raids.

Agency officials confirm they executed federal search warrants to seize paraphernalia and medical marijuana at three different HydroWorld locations on Cedar Street.

“It’s like a catch 20-20 you can be legal you can be legal but we can take it from you we can prosecute you anytime,” said Burch.

HydroWorld owner Danny Trevino says he was surprised how authorities dealt with his pot business.

“To me they could have handled it a little better. go after it civilly like a public nuisance instead of criminally,” said Trevino.

So what’s next for HydroWorld?

“I’m going to stay in the business man. This is what I do. This is all I know.” said Trevino.

Trevino says the raids won’t drive him out of business.