LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — After five of the Republican gubernatorial candidates were bounced from the ticket, candidate Ryan Kelley has been arrested and charged for alleged misconduct during the Capitol insurrection.

After an extensive review of video footage from Jan. 6, federal authorities say that Kelley was more than just a casual observer of the unfolding events.

The fed allege in a complaint document filed with a U.S. Magistrate that Kelley knowingly:

  • Entered and remained in the restricted U.S. Capitol
  • Had the intent to disrupt or impede government business
  • Engaged in disorderly or disruptive conduct
  • Engaged in an act of physical violence and destructive action against U.S. government property

Kelley admitted he was at the event, but in a February 2021 statement, Kelley said he never went inside the Capitol and had no altercation with any police officer and never intended to.

The FBI served a warrant at Mr. Kelley’s Allendale home and arrested him on the complaint.

Kelley was arraigned in court this afternoon, which was the first time in Michigan political history that a candidate for governor faced misdemeanor charges while running for the state’s highest office.

While Kelley is presumed innocent until proven guilty, the mere filing of these federal charges against him in the political arena is not the kind of publicity a candidate would want.

Yet, in this current anti-government climate, some could argue it might actually help him with some voters.