Fight over future management of Groesbeck Golf Course

In three days from now, the Lansing City Council is set to make a decision on the future of Groesbeck Golf Course.

It’s one that will determine who will manage the day-to-day operations.

Right now, it’s run by the City’s Park’s Department, but Mayor Virg Bernero wants a different city agency to take over and the idea isn’t sitting well with those who live nearby.

While the Lansing City Council adopted Mayor Virg Bernero’s proposed budget for 2018, it rejected one big part of it the Mayor’s plan to change the management of Groesbeck golf course.

Mayor Bernero then, vetoed the council’s decision calling it an administrative matter.

“What we’re doing now, isn’t working, it’s loosing money, and it’s loosing more money every year,” says Mayor Virg Bernero.

Groesbeck Golf Course has been open and running since the 1920’s and Mayor Bernero says, he wants it to stay that way.

“It’s loosing $600,000 a year, the subsidy has grown,” says Mayor Bernero.

Right now, the course is run by the city.

Mayor Bernero says the money to off-set that loss, comes directly out of the City’s parks millage, which is used to maintain more than 100 parks across the city.

The Mayor believe’s it’s time– to think about Groesbeck in a new way…by changing who manages it.

He says he wants Lansing’s Entertainment and Public Facilities Authority, more commonly known as LEPFA to take over.

“LEPFA manages the common ground, the ballpark, and the convention center, so they do entertainment things on a regional basis, golf, i think should be seen in that same vain,” says Mayor Bernero.

However, changing management isn’t the only move Mayor Bernero is looking to make.

He also plans to add a new entrance to the golf course that would cut through Ormound park, located adjacent to the golf course.

“It’ll be easier to get there, and it will help with the overall transformation of the golf course,” says Mayor Bernero.

However, those who live near Groesbeck, don’t feel the same.

“This is our community, Virg Bernero wants to put a road through it,” says Merry Stanford.

Stanford calls Ormond Park home. She has concerns with the Mayor’s proposal to improve it and says the city shouldn’t take away green space in order to build a new entrance.

“Two lanes, with easement on both sides, you’re talking about using up about two thirds to three quarters of the width of this park,” says Stanford.

Stanford says, Ormond Park provides a safe place for children to play.

She and other neighbors are urging the council to study alternatives to this proposal instead.

“Let’s not try to ramp things through without a proper vetting process,” says Stanford.

A special meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, where council members are expected to vote on whether or not they should override the mayor’s veto.

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