Fire forces Jackson family to start over


In the blink of an eye the lives of the Newman family changed forever. Now they work together as a family to try and start over.

“Basically with the fire and the smoke damage. It took everything,” said William Newman.

At 9am on Saturday, William and Debra were at home with their children and extended family watching TV when suddenly they saw smoke coming from one of their vents followed by the sound of smoke detectors.

“As soon as I saw that smoke come up. I got everybody out.  Everybody out everybody out. Everybody in the basement. Everybody in the whole house I said get out get out get I said fire fire fire.”

The outside may look un-damaged but the inside is devastated. William and Debra have four kids and the last few days have been among the hardest in their lives.

“It’s hard. It’s very hard. It’s stressful. Especially when you got my mother who has health problems. My wife’s aunt who has health problems and my kids who have mental health problems. It’s just a lot.”

The American Red Cross found them temporary housing and their landlord found a new permanent place for them to live. But after the fire, they are starting from scratch. William says he gets the strength to push forward from those around him.​

“Family. Each other. My wife. My mother and looking at my kids. I got to be strong for them. No I have not broke down yet. One of these days I will but I got to be strong for them and for my wife and children to make sure that they make it through.”

For now, the family hopes to somehow move forward. 
“Try to somehow, someway, give my kids a good Thanksgiving. Somehow give them a good Christmas.” 

William stressed that his main concern is with his children. No fund is set up at this time. If you would like to help the Newman family you can contact the Lansing American Red Cross 
Their boys are aged 10,14,16, and 17. The older boys wear large youth shirts and large youth pants. They are also sizes, 10-12, 12-14, and 14-16. 

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