Firework sales skyrocket ahead of July 4th


(WLNS) – By law companies can set up shop a week before the 4th of July holiday, but since the law changed, is it really a big, booming business here in Michigan?

When the legislature realized Michigan dollars were going to our neighboring states to the south, they decided to try and keep those extra dollars here at home.

That’s when Phantom Fireworks took off and exploded the supply of name-brand fireworks days before the 4th of July holiday.

“I like that we can stay in Michigan. I don’t want to outsource, I don’t want anyone to go to Ohio or Indiana other than to buy fireworks,” said James Coffit, operator, Phantom Fireworks.

James Coffit has worked with Phantom since 2012. He says getting the word out to people that their company is legal is the hardest part. However, he has seen sales double every year since the law was passed.

Down the road is Joshua Rose who runs the Phantom tent in Okemos. He says more foot traffic under his tent means more employees he needs to hire.

“I am providing jobs, there is an opportunity for people to work for me,” said Joshua Rose, operator, Phantom Fireworks.

Shannon Graham says the 4th of July weekend is important time for her family to be together. Fireworks were always included during that special time. Now their ‘ooing’ and ‘aahing’ budget will stay in the state.

“We are local and its way more convenient. You were going to get them anyway, we were giving the money to other places and now we’re here, so it benefits us locally,” said Shannon Graham, firework buyer.

The law does add an extra 6 percent tax to the purchase of all firework sales. The added tax is for safety, which consumers are okay abiding by. They are just happy their Michigan dollars are lighting up the Michigan sky with patriotic beauty.

“It keeps the money in state and I’m all about that. I like keeping the money in Michigan. I’ve lived here for five years now and I love this state and I’d like to see it grow.”

Phantom Fireworks has over 40 tents across the state. They will remain open the day after the 4th and plan to have bigger sales on Sunday.

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