LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – The first case of Monkeypox in Ingham County has been detected.

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services notified the Ingham County Health Department today that the first probable case of Monkeypox was identified in Ingham County.  

According to health officials, the infected individual is in isolation and does not pose a threat to the community. Health department investigators are working to identify and monitor any close contacts for symptoms.

No additional cases have been identified, and no further details are available to ensure patient privacy.

“The risk to the general public is low however, anyone who has been in prolonged face-to-face contact with someone who has monkeypox can get the illness, regardless of gender or sexual orientation,” Ingham County Health Officer Linda Vail said. “However, if you are concerned about monkeypox, speak with your health care provider to be evaluated for testing,” Vail also said.

Monkeypox is spread person-to-person through direct contact with infectious rashes, scabs, or body fluids. It also can be spread by respiratory secretions during prolonged, face-to-face contact, or during intimate physical contact, such as kissing, cuddling, or sex.

Handling items like clothing or towels that previously touched the infectious rash or body fluids of an infected person is another way monkeypox can be spread.

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