First of March snow storm set to cause slippery road conditions


A major concern for many with this storm are the roadways that’ll likely see ice form on the surface. A wet snow, coupled with temperatures hovering around the freezing mark, make for a dangerous mix for drivers. Road crews believe the threat of slipping and sliding is likely through at least Friday afternoon.

This month of March snow storm may make for a menacing commute, according to Michigan Department of Transportation maintenance supervisor Ben Hodges.

“It could be slick in some spots.”

He says because this winter storm is teetertottering the freezing mark, it calls for a different management strategy and a reduction of road salt needing to be spread.

“You can usually dial things down because the salt works pretty good at temperatures around 30, 32.”

Unfortunately, with so much precipitation expected to fall in such a short amount of time, sand will also accompany salt on the mainlines of state highways and interstates, like on I-69, I-96, and Highway-127. It’s simply to assist motorists from super slippery surfaces, says Hodges.

“It helps with traction, especially with situations like this where the salt will dilute quickly because it’s so heavy and coming down so fast. That extra bit of sand will give some grit and traction for the motorists to drive on.”

The sand will help, but here are four general ways to handle threats of black ice while you’re behind the wheel:

*Keep at least a 5-second following distance from the vehicle ahead of you

*Don’t slam on the brakes

*Hold your steering wheel steady and don’t over-correct if you feel your car sliding

*Take extra precaution while traveling over bridges

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