Former 6 News reporter was near hotel during mass shooting


As we’re learning more about the mass shooting, many who experienced the event first hand are now sharing their stories.

One of those people is a former 6-News Reporter.

Emerald Morrow spent several years covering stories here in Mid-Michigan and was on the Vegas strip last night as this story unfolded almost in front of her eyes.

Emerald says she is in Las Vegas for a wedding and is staying at a hotel connected to the Mandalay Bay.

Last night as she left the reception a few blocks away and called a cab, she couldn’t believe what happened next.

“As I was waiting, I heard someone say, someone has a machine gun, and a cop car pulls up. I see them get out and they have guns, at at that moment it became really real to me,” says Morrow.

And being a reporter herself, Morrow says she immediately knew this was a terrible situation.

“I started to see people running out of the hotel and I saw a guy crouched down crawling out, and at that moment i said to myself run,” says Morrow.

Morrow says she was in a secluded area just a few block from where the gunman was perched on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel unleashing a hail of bullets on that outdoor country music festival.

“People were hiding in bushes, people were posting themselves up against the wall because there were reports that someone was shooting down. So we didn’t know if the person had been caught or what, we didn’t know anything,” says Morrow.

While standing there in disbelief, Morrow says a woman who had been at the concert ran past her.

“She had a scrape on her leg, her shirt was tattered, it’s because she was falling trying to get away from the concert. She told me she saw what was going on and the shooter was shooting down at them. At that moment it was so difficult for me to process I’m like what do you mean someone’s shooting down at you, what do you mean,” says Morrow.

Fortunately, Morrow got out of the area safely, but couldn’t get back into her room for hours because the hotel was on lock down.

While she tried to wrap her mind around what happened, she also started to do what she does best, and report the situation as it unfolded from her first hand experience on the ground.

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