Skubick: Former Detroit Police Chief James Craig receives unlikely praise from high ranking Democrat


DETROIT, Mich. (WLNS) – It’s not unusual that Michigan Republicans are saying nice things about former Detroit Police Chief James Craig as he plots to run for governor, but when the Democratic chair of the Detroit caucus joins in the praise, that’s major news.

The state GOP party chair Ron Weiser is firing off one negative charge after another aimed at Governor Gretchen Whitmer, trying to reduce her chances of being re-elected next year.

Many in the GOP think the former Detroit Police Chief James Craig can beat the governor, and he could do it by cutting into her Detroit vote.

So imagine the joy in the GOP camp – and the lack of joy on the Whitmer team when Democratic chair of the Detroit legislative caucus Rep. Tenisha Yancy said this about the chief:

“There is nothing that I can say negative about [the Chief] or his run for governor.  This is a democracy and he has a right to run.”

But she’s not done. Yancy reports she has a “great relationship” with the former chief, but…

Skubick:  “Do you have a great relationship with the governor as you have with the chief? “

Yancy: “Actually, I don’t. I know that I can pick up the phone and call the chief and he is going to answer right now.”

But she does take the edge off of that.

“We have a great working relationship. I would say when there are things that I agree with the governor on.  I absolutely do,” said Yancy.

The chief is quietly building his campaign, and if he were to become governor…how would Rep. Yancy feel?

“If he were to become governor, if he does as good of a job as governor that he is doing as chief of police, I don’t have anything negative to say.  I apologize, but I don’t.”

One could argue this is only one Democrat ,and the governor has a strong base in Detroit, so no big deal,

But what if the Republicans use those juicy pro-James Craig and anti-Whitmer quotes in some attack ads? That could be a big deal and bad deal for the incumbent governor.

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