EATON RAPIDS, Mich. (WLNS) – The Stimson Hospital was built as a mansion in 1874 by Jon Sassy.
He was known as a con artist, someone who would scam developers.

But eventually, the people of Eaton Rapids chased him out of town.

Then in 1918, wealthy nurse Harriet Chapman bought the building.

“Almost 4,000 people were born here and we estimate probably 2,500 plus to possibly upwards of that died here,” said Chris Sturgill, co-owner of the hospital.

It was a birthing hospital for decades and even saw life-changing medical innovations.

“They had one of the first X-ray machines in the state. They helped pioneer cesarean sections and had one the first few where the mother and the child both lived,” said Sturgill.

But as the years went by the hospital always seemed to be followed by tragedy.

There were fires. Sturgill says all the doctors who worked there eventually died there. A Dr. Blanchard fell to his death in the elevator shaft.

“We’re pretty sure that the elevator was probably parked up above and when he went to step in it wasn’t there. So he plummeted almost 40 feet to the bottom of the elevator pit and died almost instantly,” said Sturgill.

People around here say the building is haunted. One paranormal team captured a photo of what they believe is a pregnant woman.

Sturgill and his family say they often hear people talking in the middle of the night.

“You can’t hear the words. You can’t understand what they’re saying but you can hear multiple people discussing something.”

Is this place haunted? You’ll have to find out yourself as the owners allow people to rent the space to go ghost hunting. And in the next couple years, it will become a bed and breakfast.

“Capitalizing on the love of the paranormal that most people have, we have tentative plans of turning this into a morgue room which will be a feature room in the bed and breakfast,” said Sturgill.