Former Ingham County Prosecutor released from Clinton County Jail

He was convicted last year for prostitution related crimes and just hours ago, Former Ingham County Prosecutor, Stuart Dunnings III was released from jail.

303 days, that’s how long Stuart Dunning’s III was behind bars.

But on Sunday morning, at 12:01 a.m. the Former Prosecutor walked free.

Dunnings served as Ingham County’s top law enforcement official for decades where he dealt with a number of cases including human trafficking.

He also spoke out against issues connected to prostitution.

However according to the Michigan Attorney General’s Office, during that same time, Dunnings was also committing a crime of his own, reaching out to several women through escort websites and paying for sex with them in three different counties.

In March of 2016, federal investigators brought down Dunnings while looking into a Michigan based human trafficking ring.

Dunnings was arrested shortly after and charged with a number of crimes including engaging in the services of a prostitute, willful neglect of duty, and prostitution and pandering.

Before his sentencing, Dunnings told a judge he had been sexually abused as a child which lead to a life addicted to sex.

Because he sought treatment after his arrest, he pleaded for the judge to weigh his addiction as a factor into his sentence.

In August of 2016, Dunnings pleaded guilty to one count each of misconduct in office and soliciting a prostitute.

As part of the deal, the Attorney General agreed to dismiss the rest of the charges against him.

The former prosecutor was sentenced shortly after in November to 3-years probation with the first year to be served in jail.

Dunnings turned himself in at the Ingham County jail on November 25th, he was then transferred to Clinton County, where he would serve the rest of his sentence.

Fast forward to this morning, Dunnings walking out of the Clinton County jail with bags in hand.

Officials say, his good behavior behind bars is what allowed him to get out early.

Dunnings still has to serve 2 more years of probation.

While it’s unclear what the future holds for Dunnings.

We do know that his law license was revoked back in July.

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