LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — One of the Michigan’s most conservative state lawmakers, David Jaye, is back in the political game.

One of Macomb County’s favorite sons, Jaye spent 12 years in the Michigan House and Senate as a Republican and was expelled from the Senate for alleged abusive behavior in 2001.

He is now a resident of Florida for seven months of the year.

But the rest of the time he’s back in Michigan pushing his anti-tax, anti-big government, and anti-corruption agenda.

He’s all in for former President Donald Trump but the feeling may not be mutual.

During a recent taping of the political commentary show, “Off the Record,” Jaye broke with the former president on a litmus test for Trump supporters.

“I don’t know if the election was stolen,” Jaye told panelist Chuck Stokes.

Stokes responded by asking: “Well, did President Biden win or not?”

To which Jaye said, “President Biden won.”

The pro-life Jaye may shock the anti-abortion movement. However, until a tougher amendment can be adopted to protect the unborn, he favors this:

“Maybe a 12-week ban on abortion going forward — a middle ground. Certainly, exemptions for life of the mother and for rape and incest,” Jaye said.

Jaye does not embrace Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

And on the age issue between these two:

“I don’t think it is age, as it is energy and your activity and your mental acumen. Donald Trump has those,” Jaye said.

As for President Biden?

“I feel sorry for the gentleman,” Jaye said. “It is a disservice to the country; he should not run again,” Jaye said.

On that point, Jaye and Trump would agree.