Former Professional Soccer Player Virtually Continuing Classes


Former professional soccer player Gregory Louis and his wife Godelièvre founded Soccer Kickers to provide a program for young soccer players in Mid-Michigan.

What started as a small neighborhood gathering on the weekends turned into hundreds of Soccer Kickers enjoying a new passion for the game of soccer.

“We didn’t really want to have like a soccer business you know we just say okay you know what she’s in medical school and I’m still going to school so we are parents we just need something like physical activity something to do outside of like studying or just like spending time with kids,” said Gregory Louis.

Due to COVID-19, classes that were once held in person have gone completely virtual. The Louis family is continuing to bring soccer classes to the families of Mid-Michigan.

Parents like Jennifer Harvey have enjoyed the creativity in the lessons of the Soccer Kickers program. Making it possible to teach younger children some basic soccer skills while keeping them engaged.

“We quickly through the first practice saw how fun they make it and all the games. They really make it perfect for the level and just making it really fun for the kids,” said Harvey.

Since going virtual, Soccer Kickers has made their online classes completely free and easy to sign up. All you need is a device with a camera and internet connection, some space to move around, and a round object to be ready for the classes.

“If you don’t have a soccer ball use a basketball use a volleyball even if you need to use a tennis ball find anything that’s round. Here (in the classes) we have some of our parents and I think every single one of them had goals and I thought okay these parents are way more prepared than I expected they were ready for it,” said Godelièvre Louis.

“During this challenging time it’s so important to stay active and stay connected. Soccer kickers is a way that they can still benefit from that release of energy and that connecting with their coaches and friends,” said Harvey.

For Mr. Louis, the smiling faces of his students he sees on his screen is what makes the program worth it.

“If we can make even one child smile that’s I mean that’s enough for me personally,” said Gregory Louis.

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