Former VP Joe Biden visits Lansing to urge voters to hit the polls


LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Hundreds rally in Lansing, including a former Vice President of the United States.

With Election Day now only five days away, politicians all across are the country are pushing voters to get out and make sure their voices are heard, including former Vice President Joe Biden who spoke at Lansing Community College this evening.

The purpose of the “Get Out the Vote rally” was to urge people to do just that.

As many eyes are on the outcome of the upcoming election, Biden wants to make it clear that it’s important people get out and make sure their vote counts.

“There is nothing beyond our capacity, so get off your rear ends, pick your heads up,” said Biden.

The stakes are high and along with Biden, voters are getting pumped up for Election Day.

“We were just yes, yes! Getting people excited!,” said Michigan voter Chaplain PJ.

Today Democrats rallied in the capital city urging people to make sure they get out and cast their ballots on Tuesday.

“I want people, particularly young people, to feel like they have agency, that their vote matters and in this race, it really does,” said congressional candidate Elissa Slotkin.

PJ says exercising her right to vote is important because in the past others weren’t always able to do so.

“Everybody should vote. That’s reason enough to vote right there. Our ancestors died for us to vote,” said PJ.

Cliff Hodge, who drove over an hour for today’s Get Out the Vote rally, says he came not because of the political affiliation, but because it’s important everyone’s voice is heard. 

“This district, the 8th district, Michigan gubernatorial race, it’s going be down to turnout. We know that we’re really divided right now,” said Hodge.

But before people head out to the polls, Hodge wants voters to do their research about the candidates.

“We need people who know the facts to get out and actually talk about reality and solving the problems that we’ve got,” said Hodge.

But regardless of what political party you’re  supporting, former Vice President Biden says this election is like no other, and everyone who can should make sure they vote.   

“Folks, we all know that there’s something different about this election, for real. This is bigger than politics,” said Biden.

The Republican National Committee did release a statement tonight about Biden’s visit to Lansing, saying he wasted everyone’s time by coming.

They also mentioned that the Democrat’s platform cares more about their party than the success of the United States.

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