LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — May of 2021, The Four Aces made their debut. They are four women artists from mid-Michigan, each with their own art business. They met through Opportunity Arts, a management and PR company for visual and performing artists in Lansing.

Sarah Sanders is the Ace of Spades. Kylee Kellett is the Ace of Clubs. Autumn Hopkins is the Ace of Hearts, and Mila Lynn is the Ace of Diamonds. Their list of accomplishments this year alone is endless.

Starting with Mila, she created her Black is King collection.

“I have this collection that I’m doing with the cards and the colors and the crowns… and its all just fun,” Mila said.

She also took part in the national Inktober 2021 challenge. Everyday in October, she created a new piece of art.

“Each day its kind of like, ‘What does that word inspire you to create?’ ” Mila said.

Autumn was busy this year creating the art collection, Disfigured Memories. She also graduated with a Studio Arts degree from Michigan State University. Autumn even won an award from the university for her work.

“I got the Ralph Hendrickson award which was for top painter of my senior year,” Autumn said.

Kylee created the “Party for the Pitties” art show and fundraiser.

It was an artistic celebration of pit bulls, which is a dog breed she knows and loves.

“Party for the Pitties was mostly inspired by my pit bull, Indigo,” Kylee said.

She did this all while suffering a major hand injury and undergoing several surgeries.

“I had dislocated my ulna and broken my radius in two different places,” Kylee said.

Sarah created a show of her own as well. She premiered Lansing’s first ever R-rated art show called the “Horrors of Love.”

“It was a lot about emotionally and mentally manipulative relationships that I’ve been through,” Sarah said.

She was also a featured body painter at an event featuring Michigan Senator Curtis Hertel Jr. Body paint is a passion of Sarah’s that she’s excelled at.

“Body paint is a way to make people feel comfortable within themselves,” Sarah said.

As 2021 winds down, and 2022 is just around the corner, the ladies reflected on all they’ve accomplished.

“Sometimes you get in your head about like, ‘Oh I’m not doing enough.’ And then seeing it its like, ‘Okay, I’m crazy a lot of stuff has happened,’ ” Autumn said.

They said if 2021 seemed like a lot, just wait for 2022.

“It’s gonna be twice as big and twice as bold,” Kylee said.