Fowlerville prepares for “Christmas in the Ville”


Nothing says Christmas like Fowlerville’s “Christmas in the Ville.”

All day long, thousands of people made their way into the city’s downtown to decorate cookies, participate in a 5k, and even watch as hot-air balloon’s lift off.

It may be the first week of December, but the Christmas celebrations in Fowlerville have already taken off.

“Christmas in the Ville.”

It’s a holiday tradition that people in the city look forward to every year.

“It’s actually the warmest parade in the coolest little city, because it warms everything up,” says Chuck Walz, hot-air balloon pilot.

“Even when it’s pitch black outside, and that’s always cool, you can feel the heat just by standing outside on the front porch,” says Alex Sutliff, Fowlerville resident.

For the last 9 years, more than 20,000 people from all around the state have been filling the streets for a glow that can be seen for miles.

“They got cool fire trucks lit up with all kinds of lights, wreckers, bulldozers, combines, they’re all lit up, it’s just absolutely spectacular to see this parade here, says Walz.

And a wrecker is just what Joe Raica and his family have.

All week, they spend hours adding final touches on the float before it makes it’s debut on Grand River Avenue.

“My kids graduated from here, and i’ve got guys that work for me that I went to school with, and their kids and their grandkids are here, I mean what more could you want than a family deal like this,” says Raica.

The light parade might be one of the biggest events at night, but during the day, it’s all about food and fun.

“There’s a lot of people that come in, they enjoy it for the kids and everything,” says Sutliff.

Many say, from cookie decorating, to decretive parade floats, the festivities in the city are sure to life everyone’s spirit for the holiday season.

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