FOWLERVILLE, Mich. (WLNS) – Hundreds of police officers and emergency personnel are preparing for thousands of people coming to Fowlerville for the Luke Bryan concert Saturday. Concert officials estimate that 7,000 cars will be present.

The concert is on the Kubiak Family Farm and is a part of Luke Bryan’s farm tour.

“It’s probably in the neighborhood of 140 to 150 law enforcement. We have approximately 20 of our personnel from our fire department. We’ve enlisted the help of some neighboring departments Howell will be sending a number of people,” said Bob Feig, fire chief for the Fowlerville-area Fire Department.

Chief Feig says this is the second year luke Bryan has come to town, so planning has been a little easier. Even though plans have been in the works for almost five months.

“Preparations actually started around April and May. We’ve incorporated the incident management team of our county,” said Feig.

The great news is that the weather for the concert is going to be warm and sunny.

“Alcohol tends to dehydrate people. So I encourage people to enjoy the concert and have a good time but make sure they stay hydrated can’t drink enough water when the sun is beating on you,” said Feig.

Organizers want people to dress appropriately and, with the concert being in the middle of a hay field on uneven ground, wear flat shoes.