Fred and Sheri talk new “Taco Cleanse” diet


(WLNS) – A new book called the 30 Day Taco Cleanse says you can lose weight and be healthier all while eating tacos for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Now these might not be the kind of tacos you’re really thinking of.

They need to be vegan tacos, meaning no meat and lots of fresh vegetables.

Sheri: “What do you think Fred? 30 days?”

Fred: “No meat?”

Sheri: “No meat tacos, breakfast lunch and dinner, what do you think?”

Fred: “David…”

David: “That’s for me?”

Fred: “You’ve lost 75 pounds, that’s for you.”

David: “That’s for me. Thanks.”

Fred: “No meat!?”

Sheri: “No.”

Fred: “I’m not a big taco guy.”

Sheri: “No?”

Fred: “You’re spilling it all over.”

Sheri: “Oh they’re great, they’re great, I love it. Well take it away, I know you probably had a great night in sports.”

Fred: “Yeah, I had a better night than your taco, I’ll tell you that.”

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