LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — As Easter approaches, many Lansing organizations are helping people enjoy the holiday, regardless of their financial situation.

Well known Easter traditions include spending time with family and enjoying a nice meal. Unfortunately, many families cannot afford those dinners and are stuck with nothing.

The nonprofit organization Footprints of Michigan hosted a free dinner for people without homes on Saturday.

Its mission for the past 10 years has been to support people in need, by giving them necessities like shoes, food, and much more.

At Saturday’s event, organizers said they wanted to create an environment for people that are normally dealing with intense stress to relax and let their guards down.

And as thousands of families went downtown to enjoy the Easter Egg hunt at the Capitol, just down the road Christ Community Church was getting ready for its third annual free Easter dinner for those in need.

Tammie Baldwin has been living on and off the streets of Lansing for the past 15 years. She said events like these are not just about food, but its a place where she can forget about her hardships.

“Currently I’m residing in a shelter, so it would of been almost impossible to be able prepare my Easter meal. But I’m very thankful that they have provided us with a nice meal here and nice services,” Baldwin said.

People that came out to the event were treated to a restaurant-style meal where they got to pick from a menu and have it served to them.

Footprints of Michigan said it was excited to give out more than 100 pairs of shoes at Christ Community Church.

“We want to get them out of those nasty winter boots that they have been treading all through the winter and get them into some fresh shoes so they can keep their feet clean and comfortable,” said Footprints of Michigan Executive Director Geronimo Lerma.

After families had their fill of food and got a new pair of shoes, they were treated to an Easter Egg hunt with chances to win small prizes.

Lerma said that finding yourself without a home is a reality that can happen to anybody.

“Anyone of us can be in that situation. We don’t ever judge them for what they do. Whether they have a drug habit, alcohol habit, or are just homeless. If we can make their days better then it’s well worth it,” Lerma said.

People that received a free meal today said they wanted to thank the community for their help at today’s event.

Without it, many of them would be spending the Easter holiday weekend alone and hungry.