Free light bulbs aim to brighten up Jackson neighborhoods

JACKSON, Mich. (WLNS) -- Consumers Energy has a bright idea for a Jackson neighborhood, handing out energy-efficient light bulbs that will lower bills and make the area safer.


This is the first time the energy company is lighting up Jackson.


“This is good for the entire community,” said Anthony Parker, a Community Affairs Manager for Consumers Energy.


The new program is called Light Up the City.


Consumers employees, volunteers and police are going to hundreds of homes in Partnership Park, a neighborhood south of downtown, handing out free energy-efficient light bulbs for front porches.


“If we see situations where we can easily install light bulbs, we will install the light bulbs. Especially if there's elderly residents that may need help,” Parker said.


The goal is that porch lights will burn bright in the dark of night, making the area safer.


“We know that crime and other things kind of lurk in the dark so we just want to have our residents light up their neighborhoods and hopefully it will reduce some crime,” Parker said.


Consumers says these customers will also see energy savings by using these bulbs.


This is the first of five neighborhoods Consumers is planning on helping this year.


That amounts to more than 3,000 light bulbs going to Jackson residents.


“So what the city did is look at some neighborhoods that they thought would be best that we start with, so we've been working with the city and the police,” Parker said.


Parker says it's important for them to improve the communities they work and live in, especially a neighborhood close to their headquarters.


“We got a number of volunteers that come from Consumers Energy that will be involved in this. So that makes me excited to know that we'll all be collaborating and trying to make Jackson a better place,” Parker said.  

The next Light Up the City event is taking place in two weeks in the Loomis Park area.

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